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Table 1 SNPs showing association to TID or AITD in the family material from northern Sweden

From: Association of CD247 (CD3ζ) gene polymorphisms with T1D and AITD in the population of northern Sweden

Disease Chr SNP Gene p-value
T1D 1p13 rs6679677 PTPN22 4.5x10-4
T1D 1p13 rs2476601 PTPN22 4.5x10-4
T1D 1q24 rs6668182 CD247 0.007
T1D 1q24 rs2988276 CD247 3.8x10-5
T1D 1q24 rs7523351 CD247 0.012
T1D 1q24 rs10918695 CD247 0.006
T1D 1q24 rs12144621 CD247 0.036
T1D 1q24 rs863455 CD247 0.025
T1D 1q24 rs704852 CD247 0.029
T1D 6p21 rs9270986 HLA-DRB1 1.8x10-6
T1D 11p15 rs1004446 INS 0.011
T1D 11p15 rs6356 INS 0.020
T1D 11p15 rs7111341 INS 0.021
AITD 1q24 rs17534481 CD247 0.018
AITD 1q24 rs12095738 CD247 0.022
AITD 2q24 rs1990760 IFIH1 0.032
AITD 2q33 rs3087243 CTLA4 0.039
AITD 11p15 rs6356 INS 0.014
AITD 12q24 rs17696736 C12orf30 0.032
  1. An association (p-value < 0.05) was found for 19 of the 79 SNPs on the GoldenGate Custom Panel with T1D or AITD using the family based association test (FBAT) ( P-values were not corrected for multiple testing