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Fig. 5

From: The role of p19 and p21 H-Ras proteins and mutants in miRNA expression in cancer and a Costello syndrome cell model

Fig. 5

P19 H-RasG12S CS mutant clearly upregulates several miRNAs. HeLa cells transiently expressing: 1) pRK5 (negative control); 2) pRK5-p19; 3) pRK5-p19G12S; 4) pRK5-p21; 5) pRK5-p21Q61L; and 6) pRK5-p21G12S. MiRNAs levels were analyzed with specific miRNAs Taqman assays. Three independent experiments were done, each of them per quadruplicate (n = 12, and statistic significative difference calculated by Anova, one way analysis of variance, p <0.05, p value = 0.036), GraphPad Prism version 4.0

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