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Table 3 CAD loci ( P< 0.05) and prognosis of ischemic heart failure in genetic sub-study of CORONA

From: The impact of coronary artery disease risk loci on ischemic heart failure severity and prognosis: association analysis in the COntrolled ROsuvastatin multiNAtional trial in heart failure (CORONA)

  Locus SNP Model n (total) n (events) Hazard ratio 95% CI P value
All-cause Mortality 1p13.3 rs599839 Unadj. 3,300 527 0.86* 0.74-1.00 4.99 × 10−2
    Adj.a 2,218 341 0.74* 0.61-0.90 2.5 × 10−3
Mortality or WHF hospitalization 10q11.21 rs501120 Unadj. 3,300 1046 0.85* 0.75-0.97 1.2 × 10−2
    Adj.a 2,216 670 0.82* 0.70-0.96 1.5 × 10−2
Number of hospitalizations due to cardiovascular cause 1p13.3 rs599839 Ordered Jonkeheere-Terpstra test      9.3 × 10−3
Number of hospitalizations due to WHF 10q11.21 rs501120 Ordered Jonkeheere-Terpstra test      3.2x10−2
  1. Abbreviations: SNP single nucleotide polymorphism, WHF worsening heart failure. aAdjusted analyses were adjusted for age, sex, ejection fraction, NYHA class, systolic blood pressure, heart rate, body mass index, history of myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, stroke, intermittent claudication, aortic aneurysm, percutaneous coronary intervention, coronary artery bypass graft surgery, atrial fibrillation, implanted pacemaker, implanted cardiac defibrillator, smoking status, serum creatinine, alanine aminotransferase, creatine kinase, thyroid-stimulating hormone, triglycerides, hsCRP and NT-proBNP [10]. *directions were concordant with previous observations. [7] Regression data of all SNPs are presented in Additional file 5: Table S4.