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Figure 3

From: Haploinsufficiency for BRCA1is associated with normal levels of DNA nucleotide excision repair in breast tissue and blood lymphocytes

Figure 3

Micrographs of the non-diseased primary human mammary epithelial cultures (HMEC) from the BRCA1 mutation carrier. A) Contralateral breast – A cluster of epithelial cells called a mammosphere is shown on the left center of the image sitting on a field of fibroblasts. B) Ipsilateral breast – The original fresh tissue block from which this culture was derived was located 4 cm from the infiltrating ductal carcinoma. The structure shown is a cluster of rounded epithelial cells manifesting a column configuration called "pre-ductal linearization". Both images were captured under Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) optics on a Zeiss Axiovert 100 microscope at a total of 140x magnification.

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