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Figure 4

From: Molecular breakpoint cloning and gene expression studies of a novel translocation t(4;15)(q27;q11.2) associated with Prader-Willi syndrome

Figure 4

SNRPN expression analysis by RT-PCR of RNA from LCLs . On the left, the sizes of the PCR products are shown, and on the right, the location of the primers in SNRPN exons is listed. +RT: with reverse transcriptase; -RT: without reverse transcriptase; H2O: no template control. All SNRPN +RT products tested were absent in the PWS control, and present in the normal control. The t(4;15) cells were positive for SNURF/ SNRPN exons 2–3, 15–16 and 16–17 and negative for exons 18 through 20a. GAPDH primers were used as control for the integrity of the cDNA.

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