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Figure 1

From: Introduction of the AmpliChip CYP450 Test to a South African cohort: a platform comparative prospective cohort study

Figure 1

Schematic diagram representing novel CYP2D6*4P , *84 , *85 and *86 alleles identified in the South African cohort described in this study. Polymorphisms are represented by black blocks. Allele defining polymorphism are indicated by a white star. These alleles have been accepted by the CYP Allele Nomenclature Committee for CYP2D6 ( CYP2D6*2A and *4 used for comparison, were adopted from Gaedigk et al. [23]. BL: Black African; CA: Caucasian; IN: Indian; UTR: untranslated region; Ex: exon; In: intron.

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