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Figure 1

From: The silence of MUC2 mRNA induced by promoter hypermethylation associated with HBV in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Figure 1

MUC2 mRNA in HCC and the matched non-tumor liver tissues. (A) The MUC2 mRNA was indicated in HCC and Non-HCC samples. Data are shown by the Mean -ΔCT and 95%CI. The MUC2 mRNA in HCC was lower than that in the matched non-tumor liver tissues (p < 0.0001). (B) There was a decreased tendency for MUC2 expression from Non-HCC tissues to HCC. (C) Expression of MUC2 was elevated (−ΔΔCt > =0) in only 23 of the 74 HCC patients but decreased (−ΔΔCt < 0) in 51 of the patients. Statistical analyses were done using the paired t test.

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