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Table 4 Haplotypes for FGA, FGB, FGG and FGA-FGG gene SNPs with frequencies >5%.

From: Fibrinogen beta variants confer protection against coronary artery disease in a Greek case-control study

Haplotypes rs2070006 rs2070022 rs2070016 rs1800792 rs1118823 rs2066865 rs1800787 rs1800789 rs1800790 rs4681 rs4220
FGA-H1 T G A         
FGA-H2 C G A         
FGA-H3 C G G         
FGA-H4 C A A         
FGG-H1     C T G      
FGG-H2     T A G      
FGG-H3     T T A      
FGB-H1        C G G C G
FGB-H2        T A A T A
FGA-FGG-H1 C G A C T G      
FGA-FGG-H2 C G G C T G      
FGA-FGG-H3 T G A T T A      
FGA-FGG-H4 C A A T A G      
FGA-FGG-H5 T A G T A G      
  1. Bold and underlined letters indicate SNP minor alleles.