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Table 1 RFLP and Control-Region mtDNA Haplotypes from the French OPA1 mutation carrier

From: OPA1-related dominant optic atrophy is not strongly influenced by mitochondrial DNA background

patient super haplogroup haplogroup POLYMORPHISM OBSERVED BETWEEN POSITION 16050–16569 AND 1–205 RFLP
1421 R0 H 16519T>C, 195T>C -7025AluI
1043 R0 H 16519T>C, 146T>C -7025AluI
1659 R0 H 16519T>C -7025AluI
1148 R0 H 16519T>C -7025AluI
1284 R0 H 16311T>C, 16519T>C -7025AluI
1090 R0 H 16235A>G, 16291C>T, 16293A>G, 16400C>T -7025AluI
1428 R0 H 16189T>C, 16194-del, 16519T>C -7025AluI
1568 R0 H 16188C>T, 16295C>T, 16519T>C, 150C>T -7025AluI
1344 R0 H 16188C>G, 16189T>C, 16264C>T, 16311T>C, 16519T>C -7025AluI
1267 R0 H 16129G>A, 16264C>T, 16316A>G, 16519T>C, 195T>C -7025AluI
1366 R0 H 16086T>C, 16189T>C,16519 T>C -7025AluI
1091 R0 H1a 16162A>G, 16274G>A, 16519T>C, 73A>G -7025AluI
1163 R0 H1b 16183A>C, 16189T>C, 16291C>T, 16356T>C, 16519T>C, 152T>C -7025AluI
1531 R0 H5 16184C>T, 16304T>C, 16519T>C -7025AluI
1686 R0 H5 16243T>C, 16304T>C, 152T>C -7025AluI
1505 R0 H5 16304T>C, 16519T>C, 146T>C -7025AluI
1054 R0 H11 16293A>G, 16519T>C -7025AluI
1032 R0 preV (HV0) 16298T>C, 72T>C +4577NlaIII, +7025AluI
1620 R0 V (HV0) 16298T>C, 72T>C, 195T>C, 198C>T +4577NlaIII, +7025AluI
1697 R0 V (HV0) 16298T>C, 16311T>C, 72T>C, 195T>C -4577NlaIII, +7025AluI
1332 JT J 16069C>T, 16126T>C, 73A>G, 185G>A +4216NlaIII; -13704BstOI,+7025AluI
1743 JT J 16069C>T, 16126T>C, 73A>G, 185G>A +4216NlaIII; -13704BstOI,+7025AluI
1779 JT J 16069C>T, 16126T>C, 73A>G, 185G>A +4216NlaIII; -13704BstOI,+7025AluI
1464 JT T 16126T>C, 16153G>A, 16294C>T, 16519T>C, 41C>T, 73A>G, 150C>T, 200A>G +4216NlaIII;+13704BstOI,+7025AluI
1099 JT T1 16126T>C, 16163A>G, 16186C>T, 16189T>C, 16294C>T, 16519T>C, 73A>G, 152T>C, 195T>C +4216NlaIII;+13704BstOI,+7025AluI
1763 JT T2 16126T>C, 16294C>T, 16296C>T, 16304T>C, 16519T>C, 73A>G, 195T>C +4216NlaIII;+13704BstOI,+7025AluI
1348 U U3 16343A>G, 16390G>A, 16519T>C, 73A>G, 150C>T -12308HinfI,+7025AluI
1106 U U4 16111C>T, 16140T>C, 16356T>C, 16362T>C, 16519T>C, 73A>G, 146T>C, 152T>C, 195T>C -12308HinfI,+7025AluI
1291 U U5 16192C>T, 16256C>T, 16270C>T, 16291C>T, 16399A>G, 16519T>C, 73A>G -12308HinfI,+7025AluI
1742 U U5 or U4 16270C>T, 16356T>C, 16519T>C, 73A>G, 152T>C, 195T>C -12308HinfI,+7025AluI
1363 U U6 16172T>C, 16219A>G, 16261C>T, 16311T>C, 16361G>A, 73A>G -12308HinfI,+7025AluI
1278 U K 16093T>C, 16224T>C, 16311T>C, 16519T>C, 73A>G -12308HinfI,+7025AluI
1455 U K 16093T>C, 16224T>C, 16311T>C, 16519T>C, 73A>G -12308HinfI,+7025AluI
1587 U K 16064T>K, 16129G>A, 16224T>C, 16311T>C, 16519T>C, 73A>G, 180T>Y -12308HinfI,+7025AluI
1799 U K 16224T>C, 16311T>C, 16519T>C, 73A>G, 146T>C, 152T>C -12308HinfI,+7025AluI
1887 U K 16213G>A, 16224T>C, 16311T>C, 16519T>C, 73A>G, 146T>C -12308HinfI,+7025AluI
1426 other D (M) 16260C>T, 16261C>T, 16266C>T, 16301C>T, 16311T>C, 16319G>A, 16362T>C, 16527C>T, 64C>T, 73A>G, 195T>C +7025AluI
1358 other W 16083C>T, 16223C>T, 16292C>T, 16519T>C, 73A>G, 106G>A, 189A>G, 195T>C, 204T>C +7025AluI
1588 other W 16192C>T, 16223C>T, 16292C>T, 16325T>C, 16519T>C, 73A>G, 189A>G, 194C>T, 195T>C, 204T>C +7025AluI
1759 other X 16189T>C, 16194delA, 16223C>T, 16278C>T, 16519T>C, 73A>G, 153A>G, 195T>C +7025AluI
1512 other X 16189T>C, 16192C>T, 16223C>T, 16278C>T, 16519T>C, 73A>G, 153A>G, 195T>C +7025AluI