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Table 2 Distribution of TCF7L2 rs7903146 minor allele frequency according to cohort.

From: Type 2 diabetes gene TCF7L2polymorphism is not associated with fetal and postnatal growth in two birth cohort studies

  Allele frequency  
  C-Allele T-Allele p-value
Non-SGA (Generation R) (%) 4828 (71.3) 1948 (28.7)  
SGA (SGA cohort) (%) 795 (70.2) 337 (29.8) 0.49
  1. Non-SGA = All subjects from Generation R, excluding SGA subjects
  2. SGA = birth weight SDS and/or birth length SDS <-2
  3. p-value express differences in distribution between SGA and General population tested with Chi-square test.