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Figure 5

From: Lack of association between polymorphisms of the IL18R1 and IL18RAP genes and cardiovascular risk: the MORGAM Project

Figure 5

Association between IL18R1 haplotypes and CVD risk in the whole MORGAM cohorts according to smoking status. Haplotypic ORs [95% confidence interval] by comparison to the reference TTIGC haplotype were adjusted for cohorts, age, gender, separately in non-smokers (diamonds) and smokers (squares). The global tests of association were not significant (χ2 = 4.796 with 6 df, p = 0.570 in non-smokers; χ2 = 1.075 with 6 df, p = 0.983 in smokers). Polymorphisms are ordered according to their position on the genomic sequence.

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